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Scissorhands Adult Costume

Scissorhands Adult Costume - News

Colleen Atwood Talks Alice In Wonderland Costumes
Colleen Atwood Talks Alice In Wonderland Costumes Colleen Atwood has had a long an illustrious career as one of cinema's best costume designer having worked on the likes of Edward Scissorhands,

Alice in Wonderland -- Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy
When Tim Burton's in his element -- the melancholic verve of Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd -- he's an artist of the shadows that makes us appreciate

'Dumbo' flies low

The separation of the titular elephant and his mother is at the heart of both the 1941 animated original and this live-action remake from appropriate director Tim Burton ( Edward Scissorhands , Big Fish , Alice in Wonderland ). Unlike the... And as every good Disney parent knows, the first rule of parenting is: Never believe your children, especially when it comes to the supernatural. It's hard to hold back tears when the song "Baby Mine" starts playing, as baby Dumbo extends his trunk to reach the barred window of his mother's cage. Caleb Darn you, Dumbo , trying to tug on my heartstrings when all I want to do is nitpick about your imperfections (the movie's, not the elephant's. Mouse still makes a fun cameo appearance, but his role as Dumbo's friend and protector gets transferred over to two human children, Milly (Parker) and her brother, Joe (Hobbins). Second rule: Apologize to them later for not believing after the big "I told ya so" moment.

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