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Saw Pig Adult Costume

Saw Pig Adult Costume - News

Head Start Scandal on Par With ACORN's Antics
It would be really frightening to see Barney Frank in either a pimp or a prostitute costume. What ever became of the little pimpdaddy James O'Keefe?

Passing the torch for audience participation

Jay Leno got me good at the old Front Row Theater where I had the misfortune, as it turns out, to actually be sitting in the front row where Leno could pick on me. Then there was the time magician Kerry Pollack had me up on stage holding an old... But why is it always me. Char thinks my being bald has something to do with it, that somehow an audience has more fun when a bald guy is the butt of the joke. Then there was the time I was dragged onto the stage at Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas: roughed up and partially undressed by a mean circus clown. Comedian Louie Anderson tried three times to get something going with me in Las Vegas a few years ago. I am talking about the embarrass-the-guy-in-the-audience torch.

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