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Sack cloth and ashes for Carnival
Carnival is now frenzied music and big business ($3500 a skimpy costume for two days only, expensive all-exclusive fetes, bank loans for you know whom, and then "reality Wednesday"). Starting on Christmas night, the party mentality, unlike even in

Lunch with costume designer Lindy Hemming. Uncensored. - Prestige

Welsh costume designer Lindy Hemming has been in the news recently for dressing a now-feminist icon and box-office queen, the one and only Wonder Woman. One rain-sodden Friday afternoon, the fine folks at Swarovski hosted a luncheon with the perfectly sunny Hemming, following a BAFTA Masterclass with the Academy Award winning costume designer, and we chatted art, business, and the stars and stripes. We couldn’t be more pleased as the designer, who we met last year in Hong Kong, is one of our black book favourites. Having raked in over US$400 million, sequels are already being planned naturally, ensuring Hemming will have to continue to keep the leading lady in stitches for a little while longer.

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