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Prestige Adult Costume

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Sack cloth and ashes for Carnival
Carnival is now frenzied music and big business ($3500 a skimpy costume for two days only, expensive all-exclusive fetes, bank loans for you know whom, and then "reality Wednesday"). Starting on Christmas night, the party mentality, unlike even in

John Mulaney On Hosting 'SNL': 'I Had No Idea How Hard This Was'

I joke about them a lot, but [from] 0 to 18, they instilled a lot of good stuff in all of us and also gave us kind of. a strange, unique experience that I guess I personally have benefited from in that I write a lot about that time, and looking... And it was a very valuable and interesting and strange experience to be with many people who have excelled in many different fields and kind of working with them on the thing that was the most terrifying. By doing the monologues, I didn't realize that you will get to spend time with the host in the most unique way, which is, in some cases, for people who haven't performed in front of a live audience, you're working with them on the thing they are... It's not pure stand-up — often cast members join them or it's a song — but to them it's like, "I'm supposed to stand onstage alone on a comedy show and deliver a very funny speech. We were kind of like a family in the '50s and it was the 1990s, and so just being out of step a little, even if I...

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