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Sack cloth and ashes for Carnival
Carnival is now frenzied music and big business ($3500 a skimpy costume for two days only, expensive all-exclusive fetes, bank loans for you know whom, and then "reality Wednesday"). Starting on Christmas night, the party mentality, unlike even in

Marti Noxon on the Eerie Timeliness of Dietland: "Unless We Find Our Voice, Nothing's Going to Change"

There’s so much that makes people who are marginalized—people who don’t fit a certain established mode of pretty and acceptable—feel less than human. Sarai really takes you on this empathetic walkthrough of Plum’s awakening, and I wanted to do the same in the show: to really put you in her shoes, and then go on this adventure of getting woke. It really does feel like the idea of the war between men and women becoming literal is not that crazy. And when you feel less than human, I think you’re much less likely to stand up for yourself when bad things are done to you. We’ve really been taught not to rock the boat, and there was something so radical in this idea of women who take up arms to protect themselves. It took me a long time to draw the lines between these parallel storylines of Plum and her journey with Calliope House, and then Jennifer and this vigilante justice being dealt out by a militia of women. Marti Noxon: This tension that's been brewing between men and women for as...

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