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Napoleon Dynamite Adult Costume

Napoleon Dynamite Adult Costume - News

Television movies for the week of Dec. 5
8 PM, 10 PM (CC) • Napoleon Dynamite '04. Jon Heder. A gawky teenager from an odd family helps his new friend run for class president against a popular

Davenport teacher investigated over Halloween costume issues statement

The statement, written and signed by Davenport attorney Catherine Cartee, who now represents Luloff, says Luloff “had never heard the term ‘Blackface’ nor did she know the history of the term” until the Quad City Times newspaper reached out to her... The statement says Luloff recently attended an adult Halloween party unrelated to her employment at which time she dressed as “Lafawnduh,” an African-American character from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. A first-grade teacher with the Davenport School District who is being investigated by the district for attending a party dressed in blackface says she did not know the offensive symbolism behind her appearance until after the fact. At no point, according to the statement, “did Megan ever intend to mock the character’s ethnicity or take any action intended to be offensive to anyone.

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