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Michael Myers Adult Costume

Michael Myers Adult Costume - News

MacArthur 'genius' to show her work at UA
27 and 28 at the University of Akron's Mary Schiller Myers School of Art. Camille Utterback, a pioneering artist and programmer in the field of interactive

The List: Every event worth listing Thurs., Jan. 21-Wed., Jan. 27
The List: Every event worth listing Thurs., Jan. 21-Wed., Jan. 27 In this adult comedy a couple of second rate actors re-invent themselves as self help gurus. Call for times Jan. 21-Feb. 7. $15.

Arts & amp; Entertainment Events
“Fat Tuesday: Mardi Gras ,” a costume pageant and dance contest to help save Electric Theatre Company, Feb 16, 7 to 11 pm Featuring costume and dance

Jamie Lee Curtis: Laurie Strode is 'Prepared' for Michael Myers

Now, only the first film happened, leaving Laurie - the teenaged survivor of the 1978 Halloween night massacre, perpetrated by the masked killer Michael Myers - in a state of deep, deep trauma which has followed her throughout her entire life. “It suggests she is prepared to deal with Michael Myers to the degree that she can,” Curtis explains. Despite appearing in four of the original Halloween sequels, David Gordon Green’s new film completely rewrites the history of Laurie, and the whole Halloween series. I’m not going to bring a tactical nuke in when I know he is somewhere in a field, do you know what I mean. But the life of Laurie Strode, her character in the Halloween franchise, isn’t nearly as cheerful. We have to go with the lore and the lore is A) that you can’t kill him and B) that you take advantage of the skill sets that you have. And she’s coped with that trauma by preparing for a rematch, just like that ballistics training suggests.

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