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Gnome Adult Costume

Gnome Adult Costume - News

Syndication Files 01.06.10: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
I mean, just listen to these names: Goo Fish, Mr. Ticklesneezer, Gnarly Gnome, Pumpkin Rapper…? Pumpkin Rapper? Get this – his power is the ability to

Let my gnome cop teach you the perils of buying too much Sims 4 DLC

This feels less like a gritty crime scene and more like a typical Sims house party. I can also fingerprint other criminals, frisk them, and take their mug shots, which is fun only because I'm in a giant gnome costume that no one seems to have any questions about. I can also go on patrol in random neighborhoods, looking for people to give citations to, like these two women who choose to have a sudden fistfight in front of an enormous police gnome. I also notice that, despite being a crime scene, this house is being treated as yet another place for Sims to chit-chat about compact discs, cars, cupcakes, and movies. Gnome Cop is appalled by the careless nature of this investigation.

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