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Billy forms his strongest bond with Freddy, a wiseacre with a damaged leg played by a show-stealing Jack Dylan Grazer. his mentor, played by Les Tremayne, was named Mentor. The characters were barely even one-dimensional: The superhero, confusingly named Captain Marvel, was little more than a gleaming smile. The story of Billy Batson, a teenager who can become a superhero by uttering a magic word, "Shazam. Billy, played by an engaging Asher Angel, is just 14, barely pubescent. Even by the standards of mid-1970s television, the CBS superhero series "Shazam. Where can this slice of American cheese fit in among the dark and snarky and sometimes even nasty superheroes of today. What "Shazam. All of this makes "Shazam. We know, though Billy doesn't, that this will be his family.

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