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Featuring high school artist teams from Batavia, Marengo and Kaneland high schools and four adult teams. Public invited to observe artists in action and

Television movies for the week of Jan. 10
12:30 PM • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 '08. Amber Tamblyn. Tibby, Lena, Carmen and Bridget find it increasingly difficult to stay in touch as

What Kate Beckinsale says about 'those trousers' from 'Underworld' and adding a woman's perspective into 'Only ...

“What I love is that everyone feels that a coming-of-age story is early 20s or teens, but we all come of age so many different times in our lives,” says the 44-year-old British actress, who herself is experiencing a successful return to her more... “I feel like everyone in the movie is having their own coming-of-age moment in it, whether it’s the man in an unhappy marriage who’s fallen in love with someone else or it’s the woman deciding who she loves,” Beckinsale, down-to-Earth while...

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