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Akuma Adult Costume

Akuma Adult Costume - News

Street Fighter: Legacy
Street Fighter: Legacy All the costumes had to get made in that time, all the prosthetics for Akuma. So it was a massive, massive rush and it's incredible that we got it ready.

Now Playing Onstage in Los Angeles - Week of 4/20/2018

A comedic journey which utilizes the roots of vaudeville as well as the absurdity of Beckett, the play is in many ways an homage to the elegiac westerns of Ford and Peckinpah. At a campfire out on the prairie, two none-too-bright cowpokes, wait for their leader Godsford and for instructions about "the plan. THE NIGHT FORLORN (OR, WAITIN' ON GODSFORD) is a new play by Steve Nevil (writer of last year's critically acclaimed Welcome to Heretofore at the LA Fringe Festival). This is a re-imagining of Beckett's Waiting for Godot, set in the West during the 1870s. All they are sure about is that Godsford has told them to meet them here by the tree.

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