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Akuma Adult Costume

Akuma Adult Costume - News

Street Fighter: Legacy
Street Fighter: Legacy All the costumes had to get made in that time, all the prosthetics for Akuma. So it was a massive, massive rush and it's incredible that we got it ready.

Miraculous Ladybug Anime: 10 Reasons Why It’s The Best New Cartoon

Toei Animation, one of the most influential anime studios, was the studio behind the animation in this video. Simply planning to be an anime does not mean a series is automatically better than other shows, but this three-minute video managed to generate a lot of hype online, swiftly creating a fanbase. Was originally planned to be a 2D anime series.  The video above showcases a preview of what the series was initially going to look like, featuring vibrant character designs and amazing hand-drawn style. The awesome style, the presentation of the characters, and an interesting superhero story premise have grabbed the attention of anime-lovers and cartoon-viewers alike.

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